FAQ Ortho-Clean


Frequently Asked Question

We can recondition the following devices : bands, molar tubes, brackets metallic, ceramic, self-ligating, distalizers, lingual buttons.

We do not recondition plastic devices.

In case of any doubt, contact us.

Our order form can be downloaded just here.

It is not absolutely necessary as  this option is included in our services. You can send us the parts with the arcs and we will remove them.

We have experienced staff and our laboratories are equipped with advanced technology which enables us to check and distinguishing the various technologies and brands.

Attachments do not have to be classified. 
Devices are mixed together before cleaning, then, they are sorted and checked when clean.

After cleaning, the brackets’ slot, torque and base are checked.
They are sorted by tooth destination. We can also mark them with a colored dot which enables a direct identification of the tooth.

Your effects are disinfected and inserted in the appropriate packaging (a bubblewrap or stiff cardboard envelope) with the order form.
The order form is vital for every order to enable us to carry out precisely the work you have requested. It must be filled out, signed or stamped and sent along with your parts.
For administrative reasons, we do not handle orders received with no order form or without the practitioner’s signature or surgery’s stamp.

They will have been decontaminated but not sterilized. 
Like for brand new attachments, it is up to the practitioner to carry out this operation.

As you know, new attachments have been known to sometimes have defects. 
Reprocessing picks them out and eliminates them systematically.

Depending on quantity we return your devices either in sterilisable sleeves or as for brackets, classified in circular boxes.

You can :

    • Make a bank transfer to our account. You will find the details on the top right hand corner of the invoice.
    • Pay with a credit card connecting to your personnal space.
    • Use our contact page indicating your invoice number to receive a Paypal Payment Request.