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After removing the glue by means of an exclusive cold chemical dissolution process, each bracket and each band is inspected individually at each step of the reconditioning procedure. The process is carried out by our highly qualified team who performs manual inspections and controls your devices using state-of-the-art tools.


Wires, ligatures and elastics are removed from your devices.

Glue is removed from your devices using our exclusive cold chemical disolution. This process, without any mechanical action on attachments, doesn't change their properties.

This option is a micro-etching on the base of your devices, in order to improve adherence.

Devices are verified one by one to ensure a correct state of the base, as well as slot dimension and clip is functional (self-ligating)

Your brackets are separated according to their brand.

Your brackets are sorted according to their destination teeth, torque and technique.

We use an exclusive color marking system. Depending on your technique, each bracket will be marked with different colored dots corresponding to the destination tooth.
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After cleanning, your bands are reshaped, and then, labelled acording to their size.

This post-process option brings an optimal brightness to your devices.


We also offer cleaning with a return in bulk. 
We recondition other parts such as Distalizer, Carriere Motion, lingual buttons, molar tubes. 

Check the technique(s) you use among the list of those we recondition. 

Note : all defective attachments are put aside and returned to the practitioner without being billed.