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The cost of reprocessing as opposed to the price of a new device is really advantageous. This is a service which recycles top quality devices for less, thus making substantial savings .


Any work carried out on brand new attachments can also be performed on reprocessed attachments. There is no mechanical action as our reprocessing method is based on a cold dissolution of adhesives and composites. This does not attack the steel in any way.

environnment CONSERVATION

Reducing the volume of waste has become a daily preoccupation and each of us is aware of the ecological impact it has. So we must all become more reasonable and sustainable consumers.
Reprocessing is considered as an eco-responsible gesture.

absence OF CROSS-contaminatioN

In light of the techniques used in our laboratories, it would be difficult to dissolve glue polymers without also destroying any bacteria or living micro-organisms. There is therefore no risk of any cross-contamination. However sterilizing still has to be performed by the practitioner beforehand just like for brand new attachments.