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Ortho-Clean is today the european leader of reprocessing orthodontics bands and brackets

We have been offering our services in Europe and around the world for the past 25 years.

Customer satisfaction is what we strive for so we aim for irreproachable quality services and our research is ongoing.

 laboratories ORTHO-CLEAN

Our laboratories, certified ISO 9001:2015, are staffed with highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Inspections are made manually at each step for greater accuracy.

We insist on the difference between reprocessing and recycling.
The term "recycling" is inappropriate for the services we offer and this is why we talk about reprocessing. Recycling is the action of treating used materials to create new products. It involves changing the physical form of an object to make a new one from the salvaged material. When your brackets are reprocessed, their physical form is in no way modified.

our commitment  

Everyone today is very aware that we have to respect, protect and safeguard the environment. So together we can contribute by reprocessing orthodontic devices and therefore reduce the tons of waste which accumulate day after day.
In this way, we play a part to help resolve this problem on our planet.

We are pleased to be able to participate in the resolution of this global problem.

Au fil des années, nous avons établi une étroite relation avec l’Aide Odontologique Internationale. Nous sommes fiers de cette collaboration avec cette ONG qui contribue à l'amélioration de la santé bucco-dentaire des populations les moins favorisées.

La somme annuelle des dons des orthodontistes versée à l’AOI s’élève à 5000€.

the team ORTHO-CLEAN